Ghoulardifest in Cleveland

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I had this sent to me by Ron Eastwood from WCRF in Cleveland.  I will not go into detail here as there is MORE than enough info from Ohio Media Watch here.  BUT if you are Cleveland radio or TV geek then this may be (is MOST definitely) for you.



From Ron:
Ernie Anderson, the VO guy famous for ABC’s “The Love Boat” and many more, started in Cleveland.  He also did a late night goofy-comedy-while-showing-scary-movies show.  His character was Ghoulardi.  When he left, Big Chuck and Houlihan took over…and others followed.  Anyway, there is a tribute to that part of our culture and I thought it might be of interest.

I will post news about any event that celebrates radio people.  So if you have something in your area ship it over to me!

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