Los Productores y Ryan Drean: En Español

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Es Verdad!!  Soy en Espana blogo uh….alright I haven’t studied or really even spoke spanish in about 18 years.  I grew up in L.A. so I started to learn when I was a kid and then took 3 years in High School but really almost all of it has left my brain.  However, a guy who DOES speak spanish, Raul Segura, has interviewed me!  In fact he runs an entire spanish audio production and voiceover blog.  If you speak/read spanish then you could take a peek. OR if you are looking for a great Spanish language resource this could be your spot.

Here is the Article on me

Thanks to Raul for expressing interest in what I have going on and I hope his site blows up like C4.  In a good way.

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