New or ReCycled Sessions?

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I don’t really know why I’ve been thinking about this more lately and I certainly would like feedback but think of this topic from two positions.  Efficiency and Creativity.  The question:  Is it better to start a new session or try to re-purpose an old one?  Example:  Veterans Day.  I have many stations (various formats) and the one big service I produce content for.  I think these days everyone who produces imaging is doing so for multiple stations, multiple formats.  Most, not all, will put something on the air for Veterans day.  Also, most will just air some sweepers in between songs.  Nothing major and again, pretty similar presentation across markets and formats.  So each time I go to do up some Vets day stuff for another I find myself quickly thinking, “use the last session and re-arrange or just start from scratch?”

Here’s what I have been doing lately.  I open a previous session and look at the plugs I have on my tracks and auxs, how I have the mono and stereo tracks wired up and organized and then view the types of FX/Music I have loaded in there.  I think, “this is just too much work to re-purpose this damn thing” so I end up starting fresh.  The trade off of course with starting fresh is creatively I have nothing to ‘borrow’ and I have to take the time to search for files I will use, like music, FX and drops etc.  BUT with the old session I spend so much time adjusting, adding, deleting and/or moving that maybe its equally efficient to use either tactic.

SO that brings us to ‘creatively’ which is better.  If we start with an old session are we locked into a box as to what it will sound like or not?  With a fresh new session are  creative ideas harder to come by?  Of course,  I am over-simplifying. But I would love to know , for you, is starting fresh every time the way to go or do you find it better to start with a previous session and go from there?

I think a few years ago I was more easily able to open an old session and work from there.  BUT for some reason its just how I like to work anymore.  What I typically do is open an old session or two, hear what I did,  close it and start fresh.  I get the idea in my head and just sort of re-create parts of it for the new station.  That’s how I work.  It seems to be faster and lends for better creativity.

And again, we are just talking about recurring, generic events that span formats, stations and markets.  For The same station with a new Cash contest or major concert event, even if its an artist/event I have produced MANY times in the past, I always start fresh.  Even if I listen to what I did for the Kenny show last year I will never repurpose the session for the same station.  I’m not even saying its wrong, its just a work-ethic thing.  I have to feel like I am earning that check or something!

Again, I’d love to hear how you think about this.  How does your brain work best?  From and efficiency and creativity point of view.

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