New Podcast: Who Likes Free Sounds?!

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I posted a new episode featuring the talented sound designer and snappy dresser Ian Sturgeon.  He is the guy behind Big Fish Worldwide conveniently located at – I sliced out about an hour of his time and put it up in 2 parts, as I am known to do.  I hope you enjoy the episode but if you need more enticement then how about a free 20-pack of sound design elements? On the Part 1 page you will see a little “Pay with a Tweet or Post” link.  Do that and it will give you a link to the zip file.  If you have issues with the button (its my first time using it), while it worked for me, just tweet the link to the episode to @rdrean and say something like “Give me the free files from Ian” or something.  I will then just dm you a direct link to the zip file.  

Other Stuff:  I welcome Gavan Bruderer and Nic Kelly to the blog.  I have given them a platform to display their mad skillz and so from time to time they will contribute posts.  In fact Gavan has already posted a couple Here and Here.  AND I did a feature on Nic which got plenty of interest on Facebook.  One of the most “Shared” posts on my site.  Find that here.

OH and if you like Free stuff then be sure to listen to the intro of the Ian episode…he offered something else you may be interested in…  

Until next time!

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