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This new service/story popped up the other day.  Basically, you can connect your Soundcloud account to Getty Images Music Licensing (Getty Images) and start getting your music and/or content “out there” for licensing to media, advertisers, designers and creatives.  I don’t know for sure what to make of it yet and for whatever reason I am mostly a skeptic on these types of “let’s open a whole new world of income streams to independent creatives” type issues.  In other words if I see something being sold as REALLY good for the indy music creator, I assume it won’t be.  Here is a line I pulled from the FAQ page

…but in any case you will receive 35% of the upfront licensee fee plus 50% of Getty Images’ share…

So, that is a big chunk being taken from you but would you have made that sale in the first place?  But, how much is new business and exposure worth to you?  Plus, Getty is huge.  All these big media outlets come to them all the time for all types of stuff already (most notably photos).  All that built-in traffic now suddenly has the possibility of stumbling into your stuff now.  This SEEMS like a great step forward in the new world of music distribution and licensing.  It SEEMS like a cool partnership and it SEEMS like people may be able to gain new audiences for their content.  Who will garner the most benefit from this? How many will benefit?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Here is more from the link above.  I would love to find out if the service has value to others or hear other opinions on the issue.  Honestly I don’t have a ton of experience selling my stuff on a large scale.  SO….perhaps since my expectations are so low, I might actually find value in this.  Thoughts?

We’re excited today to be announcing a new partnership with Getty Images that allows our sound creators to make their sounds available for licensing through Getty Images Music — with only a few clicks. Whether you’re a professional or casual creator, if you have sounds up on SoundCloud, you’ll be able to offer them for licensing to media, advertisers, designers and creatives. And you’ll benefit from Getty Images’ global sales and distribution teams: they’ll help you to market your sounds and offer their expertise and experience in digital content rights and clearances. As always, you’ll need to make sure that you own all rights in the sounds that you intend to license.

If you’re ready to get started, head over to to connect your SoundCloud account, sign up, and select which sounds you’d like to make available for licensing. They’ll get a ‘license’ button on the SoundCloud player and widget, and be made available on Getty approves your sounds for licensing.

Any questions? Get all the details here:

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  1. I’ve collected some research on this in a blog post called “Getty Licensing Partnership with SoundCloud: 35% Licensing Fees for Musicians” on  The 35% rates are used by Getty to expand their influence and devalue the music industry similar to what they’ve done to the photographic industry.  Most licensing companies will offer around 50% share and better rights than what Getty is offering.

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