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PromoBeds.com is a new service from Dave Bethell, featured on the podcast a while back.  I grabbed some time with Dave for a 9 1/2 Questions segment.  Check that out followed by the teaser video for PromoBeds.  If you keep reading you just might find a free zip file everyone will want under their tree this year.


The One and only Dave Bethell is back!  I had you on the Podcast, as many readers know (Links to part 1, 2). At the time you were creating some of my favorite music for producers, stations, jingles (etc) anywhere – Beds and Beats – You were expanding in quantity and quality.  The new product on showcase now is PromoBeds.com.  Compare the two for everyone.  Major differences, who are they for respectively?
The main difference is Beds and beats is a “for everyone” music library, heard on TV and Radio around the world, promobeds kinda “does what it says on the tin” music beds specifically for promo producers… and aimed more at radio, these cuts sound more like the playlists of that particular station style.
PromoBeds – MORE Info!  What format(s) is this for?  What kind of content will you be providing and how much?  I used my vast book-smarts and assume there will be…beds?  What else can you tell us?
Well initially for CHR and Hot AC, but there’ll be AC, Urban, News Talk and Rock to follow.  A series of beds in various styles within each station genre, so : dance rock pop urban soft plus topical stuff from St Patricks Day to Christmas, Halloween to Valentines Day plus a stack of topical content for our international clients too. Promobeds also has a unique feature, we’re going the be offering stemmed out work parts (on grid with tempo info) from the tracks too so producers can “re-mix” our music.. We’ve already had usage on BBC Radio 1 (UK), Triple M (Sydney), and Z100 (NYC) – And we haven’t even launched yet!!
Who will be working on it with you?  OR is it all just you?
As we launch more services and different genres, I’m very excited to be working with a combination of fresh talent and renowned composers/producers over the next year..
Talk some specifics.  How much $?  Is it barter?  How is it licensed?  Per station, producer, group?  Market exclusive?  UK, US, Worldwide?
Well, the great thing about the service is we won’t be “rate card”, we don’t have a standard fee, and wil try to work with stations budgetary requirements and needs.. Yes there’ll be sales, yes there’ll be barter, in most cases we’ll do it either per station, or per group, and it will be market exclusive – hit us up and see if we can make it work for you. [email protected]
While I have your valuable time, what else have you been up to?  Music 4 – Still involved/working out of there part of the time? Voiceover (in case people do not know you have big skills in that arena)?  Are you backing off other things or just piling on??
Yep still working with Sandy and the amazing team at Music 4, I recently co-composed the BBC Radio 1 official chart show theme http://www.music4.com/music/catalogue/672/bbc-radio-1/bbc-radio-1-the-official-chart-music-imaging-february-2012.html , Co-wrote on the Chris Moyles Second Parody Album, and lots of other things, they’ve got an awesome new website which just recently launched.. check it out atwww.music4.com – As for voiceovers not backing off at all actually, not so much “radio imaging” stuff at the moment, more TV and other cool things… In August I worked at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games as an announcer.. Which Included live medal ceremony announcements.. I was heard by over 200 million people announcing Andy Murray’s Gold medal at Wimbledon – A definite career highlight.
I like to get to know what tools the people I respect are using in business.  Any new tools for audio? How about just productivity in general?
Protools 10 is awesome, upgrading from 9 to 10 was simple, and I wish I’d done it sooner, if you’re thinking of upgrading…. don’t hold it off any longer.. Best thing about PT10 is the disk caching…. press space bar and it now responds instantly… which was always a frustration with “mammoth sessions” taking up to a couple of seconds to respond!! – I also thing these plug ins are “KILLER” check them out.. http://www.audiodamage.com/(mostly VST’s tho so you’ll need a VST Wrapper if you work in protools)
Future endeavors?  What types of things are coming up?  What is something you wish you could do but have never even tried?
Well once Promobeds has launched, I can’t see any new endeavours for a while!! apart from launching the different genres of promobeds itself, also continuing the great and high quality work of beds and beats as creative director, it’s a privilege to work with some amazing talent on that label. And to answer part 2 of that question. I’d love to live and work in the States! that’s been a childhood dream of mine since receiving cassette demos of TM and Jam jingles here in the UK!.. Maybe one day.. any sponsors out there?!?
How about a little taste for the readers?!!  Actually we worked that out in advance but you are offering some free stuff.  Thanks!  (Info on the Pay with a tweet)
Yeah, so how about some christmas beds and a killer auld lang syne new years eve imager? – a treat for a re-tweet, give us a shout, spread the word, @promobeds .
Bonus:  When I come visit you (and I will – that’s a promise and a threat), what is something radio and/or music related I should try to do/see/hear in the UK?  Perhaps a little known secret?
Well there’s LOADS to do and see, (site seeing tours of radio stations and stuff) but one of the coolest radio stations locations in the world is the radio city tower in liverpool – The studios are 450 ft above the skyline of Liverpool! – oh and we could go to the cavern club where the beatles played while we’re there!!!
Here’s our first official usage on Z100 – http://soundcloud.com/promobeds/promobeds-as-heard-on-z100


In my “teaser” post about PromoBeds, I may have mentioned a pretty stellar new teaser video.  Here it is!


Click here for your free PromoBeds ROTR Exclusive Zip pack

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