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Happy Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas Break!  Its that happy, peaceful, glorious “take-a-breather” mid-holiday break time that lasts about 6 total seconds. Right now is the special time we get to take a break from all the ramp up to the holidays, designing station promotions, 25 live appearances per day, charity events, scrounging for extra minutes to make the Black friday commercials and everything that goes into preparing for society to spend a bunch of cash they don’t have……and an election thrown into the mix this year.  Right now is also the brief moment we  mentally prepare for the melee that is the OFFICIAL holiday season.  26 remotes per day, twice as many charity events, twice as many contests, covering for EVERYONE away on vacation and still trying to find time to jump online and buy thoughtful trinkets for your own family and friends.  I realize this “break” is fantasy and doesn’t actually exist but I like to dream.

All that is to say I well aware that we could all use some time-savers.  We don’t have time to read every article on every new product.  Past podcast guest Dave Bethell, is releasing a new product soon.  PromoBeds.  While I hope to have some sort of exclusive THING for you in relation to this new product, for now I can simply let you know it will exist soon.  I have seen the teaser video and while I can’t post it yet, I can say its damn sweet!  Another fantastic product on the way from one of my favorite Audio Humans on earth.

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