In the Studio: Anthony McNutt

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I come across producers of all types, in all locations, all the time (as you know if you’ve poked around my site) and today is no different.  I heard some of Anthony McNutt’s Q104 work a couple months ago and now I gathered enough ‘stuff’ for a full-blown In the Studio post.  Check out his details below, check out his pics and listen to his audio!  His email is also posted below if you want to harass him about his weirdness.  Up to you.

I started working in small market radio in Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada doing on air, cruiser and commercial production.  Then came to Newcap Radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the past 7 years as commercial producer, and imaging producer for Q104.  I have also been a freelance producer for a few stations.  Adobe Audition 3.0 is my current DAW platform with some Antares plugs, and sonic plugs, but love Adobe 1.5 because it is fast.  Jim Conrad from Vancouver is the voice of Q, and I also voice a lot as well.  Jamie Watson is another favorite I work with, and David Kaye kicks ass.  There are also a ton I can’t wait to work with, if I am lucky.
I am sooooo not a technical producer … I learn by trying new things, and go by sound rather than the logical thing to do … If you have any pointers on how I can improve, I would love the feedback, and want to learn as much as possible. [email protected]

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