ROTR Exclusive: FREE Promo Beds

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I did this once before and I think it worked out nicely, so let’s try another “Pay with a Tweet” for some GREAT content.  My buddy Dave Bethell, featured HERE on a podcast ep and HERE on a 9 1/2 Questions, has been generous enough to compile some ultra-quality, super-timely music for you to have for free. Its all from his upcoming service,  All you have to do is tell the world about it!  Click the button below to “Pay with a Tweet” or grab your “Treat for a ReTweet” (Dave’s clever verbiage) and you will get a link to download the zip. I love the stuff and found it instantly useful this time of year.  BTW you can also “Pay with a Post” on facebook, you know, if Twitter ain’t your thing.

Don’t forget to check out Dave’s new service in 2013.  Miss the teaser video?  Here it is!

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