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I enjoy checking out new sound design products.  A LOT.  I stumbled into SFXRadio.com a few months ago and inquired within. So its not brand new, but still really fresh.  It took us a while to get the info all sorted out but alas we did and it was worth the wait!  OH, and before I go on, I learned that one of the guys behind the SFXRadio.com (the owner in fact) is also the Morning man on NRJ radio.  Yep, THAT NRJ.  Networking!  So I guess its safe to say that assuming he will hook me up, I will be in touch with more talent from NRJ for a full blown podcast asap.  Also, I will feature Manu (from NRJ) on a 9 1/2 Questions very soon!

SFXRadio.com stood out to me because it was very well priced and my first impression of the audio was HIGH quality.  They offer quality sound design elements at a variety of price-points including a few for 5 bucks and EVERYTHING for $250.  I DID demand a user-account so I could use it on my own crap thoroughly review it.  Most of the info will be covered in our 9 1/2 Qs, but here are the bullet points of what I found:


  • Sound design is as good as anywhere.  I also love how useful all the elements are.  I didn’t have to sift through 30 files to find good fx
  • Beds are GREAT.  As a guy who fancies himself a bed maker I was really impressed.  Again, all very useful.  Nothing over the top and no throw-aways
  • The site is very clean and functional.  To me this is a deal breaker with a service.  If I can’t easily preview and then download sounds (should be a given but believe me it’s not) then I am gone.  SFXRadio is super easy.
  • Its a full-blown service with “music medleys” (beat-mixes), sound fx, voiceover, DJ sound fx, artists and much more.
  • It also contains Fully Produced Shells – These are quality and short with VO built in.  Side-note I didn’t see mixouts so they may not be useful to everyone.


  • The categories are how I like them, simple.  BUT I suspect some people may want more detail or segregation within each category.  ie “Sound Design” is really only broken down into three cats – Short, Multi and Drones/Textures.  I personally like this but I totally see how many producers would want more variation.


  • Really only One. Naming – If you like your SFX file names to reference what the file is, these do not.  No way around this.  I am not saying its a huge flaw.  Personally, I don’t care near as much as I care about site functionality, quality and quantity of content.  But again, some people may not like it.

I guess it’s clear  I am about 80 to 90% on board with what they have going.  I love the elements and the site.  I like the categories.  Naming needs help but by no means a deal breaker.  And speaking of deal, its a great value.  $250 for a S#*t-ton of sounds over the course of a year.

Be on the lookout for my 9 1/2 Questions with Manu from THE NRJ radio!

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