Episode 52 – SPLICE P1 – Phillips/Donovan

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www.ProdSquad.comTerry Phillips and Drake Donovan join the show for some VIDEO talk!  I feel like an 80 year old man seeing google for the first time when I think about filming, editing and/or displaying video.  I know my way around a piece of audio pretty well but video seems to be WAY more complicated than it has to be.  It seems like there are  about a billion different combinations of video formats with the codecs, containers and frame-rates etc etc.  BUT I am basically wrong and it isn’t that terrible.  I know this because I spoke with the RADIO guys at Splice – Video for Radio.  Check this one out if you are interested in branching out and making yourself that much more valuable to the Radio business.  Plus I think with a little knowledge the creative side of video editing might be REALLY fun.


Check out Part 2 and don’t forget to grab the free files!

Video Demo

DEMO-What Is SPLICE? from ProdSquad.com on Vimeo.

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