Episode 52 – SPLICE P2 – Phillips/Donovan

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www.ProdSquad.comPart 2 Continues with the men of Splice…(I didn’t mean that to sound all male-strip-clubby).  Terry and Drake get into more detail about video for idiots uneducated people like me!  Enjoy the show and the stuff below!


FREE STUFF: The Guys at Splice mentioned free work-parts in the show- and here they are!

See the info below but I have to say they are very generous.  I checked out the files and they are all really useful and SIMPLE which I think would be good for us beginners.

Login Here: http://www.prodsquad.com/

Username: ryanonradio

Password: freesplice

Then click “Your Downloads”






Sidenote: Unless someone tells me a reason not to I am doing away with the “Show Notes” posts and just putting the info into the Episode posts like this.

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