EPISODE 53 – P2 – James Harness

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JH Studio 1We continue with James Harness.


Check out the show notes page for Pics and long-form demo audio from James.  And just in case, did you miss Part 1?  There is the link.

2 thoughts on “EPISODE 53 – P2 – James Harness

  1. That’s Kelly 3’s first studio…. When I left STAR……eh-hem……when I was fired from STAR….I believe Kelly moved into my old studio (next to the KYSR on-air studio…..BIG WINDOW) This was the original KIIS imaging studio….a super cool studio…..I used to hide under the board and scare the shit out of Kelly when she came into the room…. I would sit in there all day and just bug the shit outta her…… maybe that’s why I was fired….?? LOL!! Kidding….I know why…. good times!!

  2. oh….we haven’t talked in a while…..Congrats on the gig James!!! Awesome!!

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