iRig Recorder: The Android Version

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irigrecorder_android_main_image_450I have tried a couple different “clean” xlr inputs for my smartphone over the years.  One by Blue another by IK and one by a Chinese company that cost abut 5 bucks.  None of them were great and none were good enough to record quality voiceover for client delivery.  BUT they were all better than the standard recorder app and all pretty easy to use.  This new app and hardware solution from IK is iRig and it looks cool but still not like Pro qual.  The cool part is it’s a popular app only previously available on iPhone  so us Android folk can try it out.  I like the additional accessory options too and if you have some extra cash and need a (medium quality?) road solution you might check em out.  I’d like to hear what the quality is like on that linked iRig PRE.

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