R Dub – AM MAYHEM: Quickcast

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am mayhemIn this post I mentioned a new film currently making the rounds in various festivals called “AM MAYHEM.”  R-Dub, host of syndicated night show “Slow Jamz” and PD at multiple stations in San Diego including Slow Jamz Flagship Magic 92.5, is the main guy behind the film. I assume director, producer, contributor, editor and catering among other roles.   I wanted to do a little more than a quick write-up so I got him on the phone and got the details on the film, his background and Slow Jamz.  Check it out below and click the link to learn more about the movie.


Power 1490 – The Web Site!

Check out screenings and the trailer.  That site also has the special link to see what a Power 1490 website might have looked like when it was on air.

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