Voiceover: The Movie! (sort of)

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tt2294677The one and only CIP tipped me to a new film nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the upcoming 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  It is called “In a World…” and yes…it is about the world of voiceover, kind of. It is a scripted film basically about a struggling Voice Coach who’s dad happens to be the King of Voiceover.  With his motivation she sets out to change the game.

Check this video out to get an explanation from Lake Bell,who is also in one my favorite HBO shows, “How to Make it in America.” She wrote, directed, produced and starred in the picture.  I think she is the best-boy too but maybe not.  I can’t wait to see it and Cip told me to keep an eye out for his cameo which I certainly will!

Sundance Link.

Here it is on IMDB.

Here is the Facebook page.

Here is the Twitter Page.

 EDIT!!!  I forgot to mention – I saw Nick Offerman in the cast so that makes it a MUST-WATCH!!

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