Google Glass: Yes please!

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google glassI F**king love thinking about the future.  I want to time travel.  I want to know what is going to be around tomorrow, today. I read every book I can about what society can or might be like in the future, good or bad.  Couple favorites of recent years – “Ready Player One” and “The Dog Stars.”  It’s rare to me that we get a moment where you REALLY feel like the future is happening now.  You know, its always more of a gradual thing.  Email was a rather slow roll into ubiquity.  BUT it was the damn future in an instant.

Google Glass – While I have heard about these things for a while now and even saw a video of the CEO chillin in a train wearing a pair, this is the first real tangible video showing us what the possibilities are.  The fact that you will look like a total nerd wearing them will have no bearing on people’s desire to do so.  I think using a device like this will be as normal as staring down into a smart phone is now.  So, I post this video if you haven’t seen it yet.

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