Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

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I have been meaning to make it “official” for a while so now is as good a time as any: I love Clip Gain.  If you are running Pro Tools 10, Congratulations.  If not this may be transferable to other DAW’s but I doubt it.  Actually what clip gain does is not brand new.  It allows you to quickly raise or lower volume on individual waveforms in the audio editor.  Volume Envelopes still exist in just about every DAW which allow you to edit each waveform as meticulously as you want.  Clip Gain in PT10 is basically a quick little mixer slider built into the left corner of every waveform (now called “clips”) in the session,  It adjusts volume, visually, on the whole clip.  and display the value in DB right there.

Here are a few clips. No Clip Gain.

clip gain 1

Here is the option up in the View Menu

clip gain 2

Now you see the little thing in the bottom left.  That’s Clip Gain.

clip gain 3

Now here is the real reason for this post.  See up in the Menu pic.  It says Clip Gain Line?

clip gain 4

It makes that appear. I hi-light this because its not switched on out of the box and I didn’t notice it for a WHILE. I hate having to switch back and forth from Wave View and Volume view to make super fast small volume edits.  Yes I have a Digi002 Mixer – no I don’t use it while producing Imaging.  Radio Imaging is a different animal.  We work dirty and fast and need to make rough quick edits, often.  We are not really going for perfect, smooth, thoughtful edits like with music production.  For me keeping everything inside the program is fastest and also the least amount of View Changes, the better.

Clip Gain to me is one of the many things Avid does to make the software more useful to a wider audience without alienating its core users (sort of like what Apple did with Final Cut Pro).

BUT now I ask…where is the PAN EQUIVALENT!!

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