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Studio Bricks is a newish form factor for the home studio (or professional) iso-booth.  Its basically a modular way to order and then “Build” an isolation booth.  I went into it a bit here and have had some cool feedback.  Now David Bucci Voice Talent checks in with his story on the delivery, build and its function.  He did a great write up for this site so with out further delay…
This is from the day it was delivered.  The driver couldn’t get the crate off of the truck easily so we had to unload it from the truck into my driveway.
studio bricks
This is the base set on my floor with the first row of bricks in place.
studio bricks1
This is part way through setup with the door in place.  It’s triple paned and was very heavy!
studio bricks2
studio bricks3
Lastly, the completed booth and an internal shot of my setup.
studio bricks4
What you see is the Viscoustic sound panels that have adhesive on the back.  The grey pieces were also included and they “stick” to the Viscoustic pretty well.  As shipped, its a great start.  I have added some Aurelex pieces in order to decrease reflection.  Anyone buying this will need to do what they need to for their own setup.  I don’t think an “out of the box” setup will be ideal for everyone, so adjustments will need to be made.  I’ve never used another booth like this so I have no basis for comparisons.  I have been in studios but obviously that is the best circumstance.  For a home booth, its really nice.
Does it stop all outside noise?  No, but it reduces the noise significantly.  I still use a light noise gate but any other processing is not needed.  I really only use a little EQ with my recording.  I purchased the ventilation unit as well.  Since I’ve only had it since December, I’ve really never used it.  I keep my studio room cool so it never really gets warm in there yet.  Summer, I’ll probably run it to keep air moving.  I don’t feel as though it gets stifling inside.  It’s never been uncomfortable.  The seal is amazing.  When you open and close the door, you hear the pressure change.  As for how I control things, I really don’t.  My computer is on my desk outside of the booth.  I simply start the Audition track recording, step inside and go.  I use an audible noise on spots that I screw up and need to edit out.
My primary microphone is the Neumann TLM-103. I have also tried the Rode NT1-A and the Electrovoice RE-320. All sound great in the environment.  I’ve had a number of people over to examine the booth and to record for commercials and all are impressed with the quality, the solidness and how dead it is inside.  On a personal note, I need to get better at making the finished product sound “fuller” for certain applications.  Most I simply leave untreated, but I do use BBE effects on occasion to give it the “FM sound” when needed.

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