CONTEST: Assault from Rick Allen and Sample Logic

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assault screen

One of my favorite radio imaging, music production and NOISE making tools to come out in a long time is Assault. 

I posted about it here and it is already among the top 5 most shared pages on my site.  (Actually thats just Facebook and Google +, Twitter not included.) I loved the plug-in so much I did the natural thing and begged for another copy of it to give away for free.  Obviously its a totally altruistic action and NOT a way for me to shamelessly build up Likes and Followers.  Obviously.  Of course I will also be getting the man who created Assault some much needed Twitter followers while I am at it. (I think he is still in single digits!)
There is plenty of info about Assault on this page.  And here is a sweet video (one of many) showing some of its capabilities…

Entering to win is easy:  Share on Twitter or Facebook.


1.  Follow: @rdrean and  @rickallencre8 – If you haven’t already

2.  Re-tweet this page with #AssaultROTR

You can simply copy and paste this into a tweet:

I just entered to win ASSAULT from @rickallencre8 and @samplelogic on @rdrean’s blog. #AssaultROTR

You may also Re-tweet this…

You must Re-Tweet the link with #AssaultROTR to be entered



Hit the Producers Podcast page and “Like” it.  Then Share the top post. Yes, the one about this contest.

Assault Contest is now LIve! If you want a copy for doing next to nothing, here you go! SHARE this post and you are entered!

Posted by The Producers Podcast on Friday, March 22, 2013

Must SHARE the post to be entered.

BTW – It would be totally sweet if you like Rick’s Page too! /rickallensound

Thats it!  Everyone who Shares the FB post OR Re-Tweets the link and # is entered! Drawing will be random and done by a third, unaffiliated, party.

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