Episode 55 – Anthony Mendez – P1

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Anthony Mendez is a well known Promo and Trailer voice based outside NYC.  Considering his success, he is still relatively new at the game.  You may have heard him on CNN, HBO or a trailer for your favorite movie.  He has a well rounded outlook on the industry, success, his craft and made for a great 1-hour interview.  This ep does come in two parts so don’t miss the conclusion here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 55 – Anthony Mendez – P1

  1. Has anyone mentioned that this episode (Mendez, pt. 1) downloads as only 1 minute long on iTunes? I’ve deleted it and redownloaded several times but always comes in with just a :60 HBO promo but no interview.

  2. Thanks Bob and I hate itunes(lately)! second one this happened to recently. I stripped out the other audio now and at some point the feed SHOULD update in itunes. sorry for that issue

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