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tf logoSorry for my delay in these posts.  I still have a few other things I wanted to cover which may help out some of our ex-PC, new Mac (or combo of both) folk.  Today I want to jump ahead to a Finder replacement or at least enhancement.  Total Finder.  There are many finder alternatives, search google, and some of them are cool but this one finally did all the little things I wanted on top of fixing all the glaring problems.  With newer versions of OS I think a few of the issues were fixed, sort of.  But Total Finder does it all with added bonuses that to me, make it worth its small fee.

Cut and Paste Files and Folders:  

Its absurdly stupid to me that this isn’t a built-in feature of Finder.  I have read many forums with seemingly smart Apple/Computer people and NO ONE has given a good reason why its not built-in. Total Finder adds this ultra-basic feature. When I took my very first non-dos computer class back in the early 90’s the very first thing I learned was Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V.  Apple decided Cmd-X was not needed by its users.  I see this as one of the many examples of the Apple’s complete lack of trust in its users.  To put it simply – they think their users are dumb. “If we let them Cut stuff they will certainly lose all their files.” I see it all the time when using Apple software but usually the good outweighs the bad.

Full Disclosure:  The cut and paste feature is sporadic for me.  I am on an older version of OSX (10.6.8) at the day studio machine which I believe is the culprit.  At my home studio machine, 10.7, it works fine.  And my MacBook (Travel Studio), 10.8, works fine.  This is because Total Finder has made many updates for Lion and Mountain Lion that do not support Snow Leopard thus with 10.6.8 I have to use an older version.


Multiple Finder tabs in the same window makes life so nice!  Instead of 5 finder windows open behind the other 7 screens you have going now they all exist in the same spot.  Simple feature but makes life cleaner and easier.

tf tabs

Folders On Top:  

Holy Crap.  Windows this is just the way it is.  Mac not so much, at least not automatically.  Mac people may not give a crap about this but for Windows people this will be a big feature you are very used to and will want back almost instantly.


This is a cool feature where you can pop-up the finder anywhere anytime with a simple keyboard shortcut.  Not totally necessary but I can see some people really loving this.  You can see this pop-up version has the Blue dot top left.  Click it and it stays locked on screen.  Otherwise the window will disappear when you go to another window.

tf blue

Dual Mode: 

Using Cmd-U it creates two finders side by side.  Simple and efficient.  Very useful for moving and copy files.

tf dual

Different versions:

TF stopped supporting OX 10.6.x or Leopard/Snow Leopard back with Total Finder version 1.3.4.  But they keep updating it, often.  So just be aware when you install you may need to click this link to get back to the older version.  But this is one of those programs that gets updated often.  Bonus.

Rant Alert: Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely hate the way Apple names their software?  AND how they insist on referring to them by these stupid names?  If I am new to OS and trying to figure where in the timeline my version exists what f–king good are Lions and Leopards and Bears and Prairie Dogs and s–t?  Is it just common knowledge that a Lion is better or newer than a Leopard???  Mountain Lions are just commonly known on Earth to be more advanced than Lions?  NO.  Can we just call them by their sequential number designations?  I know Android sort of does the same thing with their  equally stupid dessert related names but at least the community is more apt to refer to the different versions by 4.x.x etc.  They also market phones as having “4.2.2” not just “Chocolate Mudslide Surprise”  Plus, and I may be mistaken as I am not an iphone user, but don’t they use number designation on that platform? Why not the desktop world?  Eh…I feel better now.

System Files:  

I’m not sure who wants this feature but some do.  I always opened these up in Windows, haven’t done it on Mac.  I don’t know enough about Mac to know if I really want to see system files yet.  But if you want to see em in Finder, TF lets you do it.

Well, this post certainly became enlarged, didn’t it??  Sorry I was wordy but the Finder may have been my most hated thing about Mac, as a Windows user. Mac users will look at these features and potentially scoff but Windows users should enjoy Total Finder.

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