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Radio Hero and past guest on the podcast, Rick Allen has released something very special.  Assault from Sample Logic.  Just based on the videos I saw like the one below, I was pretty darn excited to use it.  “But I am a radio guy, its made for Film people right?”  NO.  Well yes, but NO!  I say this because so far it has been very much welcomed into Film and Theatrical sound designers worlds.  But it is a great tool for radio people.  It’s basically like a sound design library smashed into a simple to use virtual instrument. So you can be tip-toeing on the line  between doing standard radio imaging production and more musical/tempo-based “on the grid” production with ease.

It’s pretty much broken down into 2 sides: The single shot imaging sounds we love from Rick (in fact dare I say some of the best sounds he’s ever created) called “Instruments”  and “Multi’s” that act as rhythmic components comprised of these sounds.  They have plenty of videos showcasing both.  Within the Instruments there are TONS of sounds all of which I can instantly see using in Imaging.  I love how easy it is to create your own Multis. By virtue of the fact that the sounds are what we like in Radio Imaging you have literally  a limitless amount of sweet Imaging sounds you can create.

My favorite part is how simple it was to get going right out of the box.  I was firing off sounds that would go into radio imaging instantly.  I remember thinking the same thing when I bought reFX and Stutter Edit (Just to compare the coolness of this). As a terrible musician and a mediocre-at-best-digital-music-maker, this is one of the tools I will go to often.  Assault is powered by Kontakt 5 which is a must have for anyone who wants to be doing next-level imaging anyway.  If you buy it and don’t have Kontakt – you can download Kontakt Player for FREE and everything works.  Aside from that any Daw is cool and external controllers are recommended but not mandatory to get cool stuff happening.

Note:  When I spoke to Rick one thing he seemed extra excited about was the “Random” button and, yes, its is pretty damn cool.  Try that out right when you get it if you REALLY want to F&%K up some noise.

Before you start watching their vids, clicking links and reading the love I do have one more cool thing to report.  Like I am often want to do, I have coerced the fine folks at Sample Logic into releasing a free copy of Assault to one lucky ROTR blog reader.  I will release the “How the hell do I win???” info very soon.  We’ll make it easy but you may have to have a twitter/or Facebook account…

Assault from Sample Logic

Here is some love from around the community for Assault…

Various quotes from Film and Video Composers about ASSAULT – The sound design library for Kontakt from Rick Allen and Sample Logic 

John Debney – Iron Man 2, Alex Cross, Sin City, End of Days

“The modern composer needs an extensive and eclectic arsenal and ASSAULT delivers on that in spades. Not only are the sounds unique, creative, inspiring and sit just right in a mix, but they’re just the beginning. With the FX and the endlessly easy to navigate tweaking, these sounds quickly become your own. On its own, ASSAULT is an incredible library off the shelf. However, with the sonic possibilities and the way the sounds work together, it’s quickly becoming a ‘go to’ library.”

Trevor Morris – Immortals, Bad Boys II, The Hills Have Eyes II, 666 Park Ave

“I’m always trying to blur the lines, to discover the unalike in sounds and approaches to scoring. The guys at Sample Logic have once again created a killer, creative yet unique sounding instrument in ASSAULT. This is my kind of library”

Harry Gregson-Williams – Total Recall, Cowboys & Aliens, Unstoppable, Shrek, X-Men Origins, Enemy of the State

“A relentless tornado of industrial brutality, beauty and chaos.”

Clinton Shorter – Distict 9, Contraband

“ASSAULT is yet another absolutely fantastic release. From its hits to its rises and falls, it’s just downright mean. I look forward to assaulting listeners soon.”

Mick Gordon – Videogame composer: Need for Speed, Shift 2: Unleashed, Marvel Super Hero Squad, The Last Airbender

“Assault is just BRUTAL! It’s full of creative smacks and whacks that punch right through the speakers and every patch is full of grit and attitude. This is perfect and is going straight into my template – well done guys!”

 Also here is an excerpt from  Sounds and Gear “Assault Library Review”


How Does It Sound?:    When trying to explain the sound of this library to a friend…the first thing I came up with was “it sounds like 3D”

I think that would be accurate! If you could imagine the types of sounds you hear in a high end movie theater, the transitions, impacts, rises, and how they sound over that type of system….that’s what this library sounds like.

It’s almost as if you don’t even want to tweak or mess with the sounds because the level of quality and detail is so well done and instantly usable.

Another thing I notice about the sounds is that they are multi layered. Now I’m not speaking in terms of velocity responsiveness, but I’m saying when you play and listen to them, there are so many different things going on to make up the sound.

Everything from the main impact or swoosh down to the smallest detail really delivers a “3D” sound experience.

I guess I was just very impressed with the depth of the detail in the sounds and it really makes the library stand out in my opinion.

You can read the entire review here:


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