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rohira1Radio Imaging production has some… exuberant… personalities out there and Jerry is exuberantier…exuberanter…than most.  This was a great interview with Jerry as he has worked at multiple levels of the Imaging Biz including Intern and Vice President and a few things in between. So, he brings a lot to the table.   Jerry will be known by some as Producer/Voice at The Buzz in Houston, Imaging producer at Sirius a few years back or the VP Production from Merlin Media when they had Major News properties in NYC and Chicago (plus other stations).

This is a 2-Parter – Find Part 1 below and a link to part 2 here.  On the Part 2 page you will also find plenty of Rohira Demo Audio.


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4 thoughts on “EPISODE 56 – JERRY ROHIRA – P1

  1. Great stuff Ryan and Jerry!! Was talking with Eric Chase the other day about the comment I made….How John and Eric and other services “killed” radio imaging…. and, he made me see that “killed” was a strong word…. There’s still very creative imaging guys out there in the business…you’ve interviewed lots of them here…. I just feel, those services made it easier for stations to hire “Joe suckatimaging” the overnight guy to make a station sound………listenable. which, gave an excuse to those random PD’s that are popping up more and more, to NOT hire a CREATIVE imaging guy…. Is the imaging position dead? no…..but, the creative imaging guy IS dying….slooooowly….. The creative imaging guys have their own web-sites…..and the ones who don’t…..are being creative in other ways….voice-overs….etc….. I don’t want creative guys/girls to hear what I said and think there’s no room for them in this business….. RADIO NEEDS YOU!!!! find your way in….and make your statement!!

    Eddie Bower.

  2. Thanks for the follow up Eddie. I aint the only one who has big respect for your opinions. And I agree fully on young guns fighting their way in!

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