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KyalHere’s another talented young producer to feature  on the ol’ blog.  I caught up with Kyal Rose recently. Below you can read about him but he is doing some cool stuff over at 2DayFM in Sydney. The trend of late has been for US prods to drool over Aussie prods so if that is your desire….here ya go.

A little about myself, Im based at 2DayFM in Sydney, my Title is ‘National Nights / Today Network Image Producer’ and I look after the 2x Brand New National night shows that come from 2day starting at 6pm and Roll through till 10.30pm.

The first is called ‘The Dan and Maz Show’ which runs from 6-8pm across the country on the Today Network (hit stream).. They’re a duo targeted at the people who are staying back at work late… Our audience are the ones driving home later, and are up for conversation a little more quirkier in nature.. The show is extremely off centre and has the imaging to match, mixing old school 60’s radio Jingles and bringing them into 2013 + mixing an older style VO and with careful direction getting him to embrace ‘cool’ mannerisms. From 8pm we totally take it up a gear (or 5) and launch into ‘The Bump’ an Australian Radio first, where the show is totally listener driven Via Social Media. On the website/twitter/facebook we give the opportunity for anyone to bump in hits they love and bump out ones they don’t… The results are all live and the show is extremely fast paced with plenty of celeb’s in and out of the studio and heaps of prizes and unique opportunities for listeners to get closer to the stars.

I started in Western Australia at one of the Regional Hubs and was heavily mentored throughout several positions, eventually landing a the Breakfast Imaging role at 92.9 in Perth.. I was there for 2 years and that’s when David Konsky and I started to work really close. He mentored me tightly along side Brendan Tacey/Matt Nikolic/Dom Evans and at the end of last year I was offered this position at 2day. Very Proud Moment!

Attached are 2x Show reels of the two new shows I launched at the beginning of the year. It’s a full time job keeping the ship’s afloat whilst keeping both brands totally separate, yet making them always fresh and one step ahead.

Check out his demo audio:



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