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My good  friends at Benztown are up to their old tricks of pitting us hapless producers against each other in a winner take all, fight to the death, blood match in the city of Angels.  It’s Iron Imager 2.  A great concept that saw Paul Duffy, a guy doing great work out of some far off land win last year…enough of my babbling…just read below and then enter at your own risk.

I caught up with Andre who (best as I can tell) does all the heavy lifting over in Stuttgart while Andy and Oli sip Mai Tais and eat bon bons….I kid 😉  But he did give me some info

We want to give every producer a chance to enter this contest, win $1,000 in cash and be crowned Iron Imager, so if you want to enter yourself or maybe know one talented producer or any youngsters which are trying to step into the scene, maybe this contest is the chance.

Feel free to share the news and enter yourself. The more guys getting involved the more fun it gets.

Below is a more formal info on everything important about the contest. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Benztown, the international radio imaging, production library, programming and voice-over services company, is sponsoring the second annual Iron Imager Contest, an international radio imaging competition where production professionals compete for $1,000 cash and the coveted title of World’s Best Imager. Challengers will demonstrate their imaging skills using audio ingredients handpicked from Benztown’s 20 production libraries, paired with contestants’ original scripts. This year, Benztown has committed additional resources to enhance challengers’ scripts, offering for free the voice talents of many of Benztown’s newest world-class voice talent, including Joe Cipriano, Mark Fisher, Donna James, Jack Dennis, Mike Bratton, and Jamie Lee.

Benztown’s Iron Imager Contest is open to all radio imaging, production and programming professionals (18 or older) and will be judged by top producers and programmers from the U.S. and around the world. The Iron Imager final round will pit the top ranking imager in a head-to-head live competition at the All Access Worldwide Radio Summit on May 2, 2013, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Paul Duffy of Dublin, Ireland, who captured the Iron Imager title in 2012, will return to L.A. to defend his title.

The Iron Imager Contest is the first of its kind and Benztown is proud to elevate the highest quality imaging in the industry with this adrenaline-filled, talent-packed competition. It’s tremendous visibility for your talent and work, plus it’s a ton of fun.

To enter and for full contest rules, visit the official Iron Imager Contest 2013 website at Again, final pieces must be submitted by April 11, 2013.  Thanks for being a part of the fun– and may the best man (or woman) win!

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