Episode 57 – Mike Madrigal – P1

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mike madrigalI hope the total time on this one doesn’t turn you away because I think it will be a very worth-while listen.  Normally I gun for a 1 hour total time. This one in 2 parts gets near 2 hours.  I should be clear up front if you are not totally interested in all the jobs and stories of yesteryear of the guests I can respect that.  As this one does go long I would highly recommend checking out to part 2. Only if you like hearing a Radio Imaging Power-Player speak extremely open about…everything. Do that then come back for part 1.  Or just keep going with this one.

Mike Madrigal is one of the triumvirate at Short Bus Radio.  He is also one of those guys that has seemingly held all the big jobs and has taken bigger, vertical steps with every “next move” in his career. That includes gigs in Kansas City, Dallas, San Diego and Los Angeles plus eventually forming the aforementioned Short Bus Radio. Before you listen take a guess how much cash a guy would be offered to image one of the top 10 or so stations in Market 2 circa 1998.  That question and more will be answered.  I warn you: If you are NOT fond of people who speak candidly about their opinions of the industry, its people and companies, then perhaps this episode is not for you.

Again, just in case my point was lost, I think this ep is definitely worth a listen.

4 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Mike Madrigal – P1

  1. I was offered the KGB imaging gig (2001) under Todd Little. I elected to stay in Raleigh at WRDU. Good decision as Little “exited” KGB a few months later.

  2. Mike, I can’t believe you didn’t mention the “Combustible Bob” character from XTRA Sports 1150!

  3. KGB woulda been a great gig! The jocks, and Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw (mornings) was an elite cast of on-air characters. Working next to Rock 105 and close to 91X with Malcolm Ryker woulda been worth the move. I think Jim Richards came in after Todd Little. And San Diego is an insanely gorgeous city.
    Then again, WRDU is probably a great gig. I heard a demo some years back that was impressive, can’t remember who the imaging guy was. I’ll have to go look thru my archive.

  4. Combustible Bob! LOL We totally fucked around with that station. We got away with some weird shit that was NOT sports oriented at ALL. I believe that’s what made that station fun…being outa the box and whacky. It was nice having Boman around to encourage me. McCheese must have hated that 🙂

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