Episode 57 – Mike Madrigal – P2

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short busSo, perhaps detailed background stories, tales of massive salaries and major market radio imaging gigs in literally the pinnacle of radio’s history ain’t your thing.  Then part 2 is a good place to start. Mike is nothing if not brutally honest. While our opinions may not overlap in all areas of the industry, I respect his position in the Imaging game and his willingness to speak his mind no matter what it contains.  Again, I normally would have moved things along and wrapped up at about the 60 minute mark. Tell me after listening to this interview in its entirety if you think I should have cut him off.  To me Mike was almost painfully refreshing, uncomfortably easy to listen to and frighteningly real.

I hope if you did come straight to Part 2 you will take a listen to Part-1 at some point.  I am always cautious of some topics but Mike made it clear nothing was off the table so I tried to take advantage!

7 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Mike Madrigal – P2

  1. Loved the podcast – and Mike, your honesty is refreshing and I agree with many of your points. Just to clarify on the speculation regarding ReelWorld and my brother, Steve and I: Man, this is the first I’ve heard of this urban legend and I found it pretty humorous that something could materialize like that. The truth is my bro and I have never been closer and ReelWorld is a very tight knit group of extremely talented folks. I would say the key to our success it that we surround ourselves with passionate people, full of integrity and a commitment to excellence. As for being crooked, we don’t ‘dupe’ anyone and we deliver on what we promise, day in and out. Our prices are fair and we have extraordinary customer service. We offer a money back guarantee and we back up all of our services. If that’s being crooked, guilty.

    Mike Thomas
    Vice President
    ReelWorld Productions

  2. Mike! (Thomas)
    Hey…can’t remember who i heard the rumor from…that you and
    your brother had a blowout and were at odds with each other. Honestly,
    bummed it isn’t true…we had thought to reach out and make a connection
    with one of ya 🙂 Possibly drag one of you to our side 🙂 You do have
    a great product and good service. It’s a battle with you guys. We
    know a few of your producers and really dig ’em.

    The crooked
    part…we had intercepted some demos with questionable voice and
    production on them (that we should discuss on the phone, not here in
    public). We were called ‘crooked’ by the same person…so there ya go.
    I by no means would say you’re doing shady business out there.
    However, we all make moves that will rub someone in an ugly way…and
    then the rumor mill starts.

    My email: [email protected] Hit me up anytime, i’ll get you my cell…we can chat.

    sure the Benztown guys will be outraged at my comments. I heard OLD
    samples a few years ago…and a few recent…thought it was terrible.
    But, they don’t post demos…so i can’t compare old demos to new…or
    various samples to make comparisons. My mind must be changed with
    ‘audible samples’! That being said…your demos sound HUGE on
    ProdVault. Nicely done and impactful!


  3. The problem with doing this podcast is having all the producers who listened to it contact me and ask me to critique their demos…and finding out how many imagers out there are BETTER THAN ME! Quite a few demos have come my way…and i’m impressed at the number of badass imaging guys are out there. Radio is not dead, my friends…at least not the creative side 🙂

  4. These episodes were awesome! It’s too bad imaging has gotten cut or in some cases eliminated by some PDs and companies….. I too used a DSE 7000..and Audicy back in the day…. Once you learned it….you didn’t want to use anything else…. Gee wonder if you can still find one?

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