From PC to MAC: Xtra Finder

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XtraFinderI mentioned Total Finder, which I still love, in this post. Its a great finder replacement and for me as I already discussed, the transition to Mac had some big roadblocks when it came to the way you could view and manipulate the file system.  Now I want to hi-light another program called XtraFinder.  I found it when I was looking for a way to keep the column width always adjusted to what was actually in there.  In 10.8 I noticed that it KEPT switching back to s amll default size no matter what was in there.  Also, if I double clicked the column size adjuster once you nav to another spot and come back, its back to the stupid useless small size (Useless for me).  XtraFinder actually has that feature built in plus almost everything from Total Finder. And its free.

xtra finder 1

Thats the freaky little XtraFinder Mac face that sits up by the clock.



Thats a feature I will never use but if you want to invert Dark Font and Background you can.  xtra finder 2Plus the preferences just to show you how much you can do with it!  I haven’t used it long but so far it seems more compatible with more OS versions.  like 10.6.8 no issues yet.  10.8.2 all seems good after a few days.


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