Episode 58: Mike Bratton

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mike bratton logoAs a capable voiceover artist myself I try to keep that side of this podcast front and center in about half of the episodes/interviews. Mike Bratton is a very talented VO that works in multiple mediums and is neck deep in a long successful career. I tried to get as rapid fire as I am able to do in this format with the various topics I covered. I hit on agencies, coaching, training, the community, gear, dos and don’ts.  Mike had some great advice, equipment suggestions and workflow tips throughout.  I especially liked hearing his viewpoint on “self marketing” or  networking with out being the creepy-overly-self-promoting-guy in the room.  You know, saying “Hire me!!” without saying “Hire me!!”  Thanks to Mike and hope you enjoy!


Mike’s Info:


Twitter: @mikebvoice

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