Pro Tools 11: TC/E NO MORE

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No-TCEAs I mentioned in my most recent podcast with Mike Bratton, posted like an hour ago, I want to deliver Pro Tools 11 news and reviews to its users or potential users.  There are already widely known new features people are looking forward to like Off-line bounce, a 15 year old technology finally making its way to Avid, and a whole new audio engine that should make the software  more robust and faster with more plug-ins instantiated.  Lou Medina music producer in Dallas tipped me to this article which may be a major issue for some people.  Personally, I have been using Time Shift for a while with seemingly no issues but the article is right –  A lot of people, Lou included, rely on the TCE algorithm because they think or KNOW it’s better.  Especially at compressing/expanding vocals.  You can proceed how you want and I would certainly love to know if people agree that this is a big loss or should we not be worried.



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