Pro Tools 11: TC/E Comparisons

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pt11bI brought up the issue from Pro Tools Experts in this post and then over a Facebook group.  Forrest Martin at KIIS L.A. shared a video making A-B comparisons of different Time Expansion/Compression tools.  The video is below.  After hearing all the disdain towards anything except the Digi TC/E I did a little comparison of my own on clean mono vocals with no reverb or real processing of any kind.  I really couldn’t tell much difference between Time Shift and TC/E but there may have been a slight cleaner output provided by TC/E.  However, I assume I must have been doing it wrong because Serato and Soundtoys were laughably bad.  I’m sure I need to dive into some internal plug settings or something because it was no contest.  SO, based on the video and my experience, you should probably stick with PT 10 until they get the original TC/E added to 11 OR use Time Shift (as its the only one in 11 anyway).

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