Episode 59: Vish B – P1

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azimuth:0.000000||elevation:0.000000||horizon:0.000000Vishwanath Balakrishnan is the guest and no, I did not pronounce it right.  But he goes by Vish and is a talented imaging producer (Senior Producer) at Radio 2 in Dubai.  The reason I wanted to interview him having known almost nothing about him was based on his work for the Benztown Iron Imager entry.  I am a very curious individual so I couldn’t help but begin the interview with questions of his personal background and the world around him.  He was born in Mumbai and eventually found his way to Dubai for his education and now his career. I won’t get too detailed here except to say at the end of part 1 we dove into specific imaging questions and spent the bulk of part two on that stuff.  I hope you enjoy our chat!

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