Kamen Atanasov: Sound to Picture

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Today I feature a super-talented sound designer in Bulgaria named Kamen Atanasov whom I came across a few months back when I was looking to branch out on some FX for a variety of projects.  He has many great credits but one in particular that stands out is his vast work on the great Sound Ideas SFX packages. I really dig his work and you can check him out at his site.

I usually get regular sounds from him BUT he warned me he would disappear for a couple months, in fact locked away in a super-secret studio-complex of some sort, working on a film project.  I have always been fascinated with foley and really all sound put to picture tasks.    Some guy just fell off a building?  The sound makes it as painful and real (or more so) than  seeing it.  Obviously I can go on and on but suffice it to say,I dig it.  Kamen finally poked his head out for some Vitamin D and I asked him to answer a few questions and give me some pictures, any pictures!  The project is still  covert so no names and can’t see the workspace but he did provide a couple screen grabs which may demonstrate a little about what goes into these projects.

This film project – did it end up being the two-month process you thought?  3 month or 100 Days – but it includes all, Sound Design, Cleaning, ADR REC and EDIT, FOLEY rec and EDIT, Pre MIx 

How many tracks in your sessions?  103 only, Is not much, but I’m  combining and orderly and using more automatization on each track, I reduce the number!
What is the biggest difference in designing sound to picture versus what you do for me? The Big difference is that in Radio Imaging your main target is the quality, to create original, good sounding and modern, fresh sound! When you work on picture, the main target is to create the most correct and suitable sound to the picture or action. In Picture often have damage the quality of the sound effects to create the right and correct sounds! Also, in radio imaging I use extreme designing tools and techniques, while in movies I use more simple tools, like EQ, Compress, Gate, Impulse Reverb and a lot of layering sounds to get the best and right sound to the picture! And just forgot to say that in radio, all is stereo, in picture you need to thinking in 5.1/ 6 chanels! In radio imaging you create a great sound and anyone can use as it sees fit, in movies you have a concrete picture and action, and you need to create the right sounds and mix only! 

Can you tell me the name of the movie? Unfortunately, still no! It will be a drama with not much Dialog and A tons of foley sound effects.

Kamen 1 Kamen 2


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