PRO TOOLS QUICK TIP: Insertion Follows Playback

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I had this one requested last week when I posted a Quick Tip about Post Roll.  That one was more of a work-flow I like to use that some people may know about but address differently.  Today’s tip is a simple feature that you may choose to turn off or on based  on your personal preference.

You want to hit Play and have the Playhead (cursor) stop where you hit stop.  You do NOT want it to jump back to the spot at which you hit play. Turn on the little Arrow/Play Button looking thing  on the right, next to the Main Counter- excuse the technical jargon.

insertion playback 1






Below you will see how I like to set it because I want the Play head to go back to where I started playing.

insertion playback 20






That’s it.  Yep.  Well actually no.  There are about 398 more ways to tweak the menu bar.  But this is one many people have a problem finding.  My other general tip is to set aside about an hour one day.  Open a session and start ticking all the various options on and off.  Also remember that many thing are controlled in both the menu bar and system preferences.  In fact here is where you adjust the above setting in the Prefs menu.  

insertion playback 3





“Timeline Insertion/Play Start Marker follows Playback”

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