Pro Tools Quick Tip: Post Roll

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This is one of those things I notice more producers do NOT have turned on.  I personally think it helps me work faster and its possible some people are not aware of it or never bothered to click it.  But mainly people are aware of it and somehow decided they don’t like it.

post roll 1

That little “Post Roll” thing (above its in the OFF state) determines whether playback automatically stops when play-head gets to the end of the selection.  It pisses me off.  Why? I don’t know but its how I was used to a DAW acting.  If I hit play I want to keep playing until I hit stop.  Don’t EVER automatically stop.  That’s just me though.

post roll 2

NOW its ON.  In fact its meant to be set very specifically but you will notice the value is 133:00:000 which is arbitrary…to me it means NEVER STOP!!

Seriously though, a lot of people don’t want the play-head to continue endlessly.  They want it to stop on its own. But try out the Post-Roll sometime and see if it helps you.

3 thoughts on “Pro Tools Quick Tip: Post Roll

  1. Thanks Ryan . That was quite helpful . Next time would you explain how to get ProTools cursor to automatically return to the start point of a segment you are going to edit , instead of stopping at the point where you hit stop ?

  2. YES…Its a setting I have to go look up. I have it always set to do just that. Just cant remember what its called off top of mind. BUT thanks for the tip on a new post

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