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Friend of the podcast (and me) R’Dub has a damn fine event coming his way.  I jumped on him fast to get info, full well knowing he probably can’t say anything yet.  He is going to be on a  show I really love, Shark Tank in a couple weeks.  Here is what I got from the always savvy self-promoter R’Dub and I promise I will update you when updates are… updatable.

Hello my brother!!!

I am waiting to hear from Shark Tank producers on what I can and CAN’T say.  It’s VERY strict and I signed 1,000 pages of non-disclosure.

What I CAN tell you is that it is RADIO related, and I want EVERYONE to watch.  And while we’re on the subject of me, what a PERFECT time to add my show, Sunday Night Slow Jams, to your station.  7.5 MILLION potential new listeners will see me and Sunday Night Slow Jams on Shark Tank, and will be looking for the show on their local radio station (aka YOUR station!)  Don’t fumble this opportunity to attract a ton of new listeners and engage existing ones.  Call me!

For more on my episode, including an RSVP to watch, visit the official “R Dub! on Shark Tank” page: http://www.slowjams.com/blog/watch-r-dub-on-shark-tank/

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