Stew Herrera: Arthritis Ride

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bike300x150banner2013I am trying to help my good pal Stew Herrera raise even more money to find a cure for Arthritis.  If you are not aware Stew is an AVID bicyclist.  He is about to go on another major ride and your support would be very valuable. It’s the Arthritis Foundation 525 Mile Ride.  Yep, FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILES!!!  Here’s more info and GOOD LUCK Stew!!  Thanks for being awesome!


I don’t want to be a(ny more of a) pest (than I’ve already been), so I’ll make this one short.

I frequently will mean to do something and then 50 other things will intervene, and before you know it, the thing is forgotten or the window of opportunity closes.  (Does it happens to you, too?)

If you’ve been meaning to throw a little support my way for the Arthritis Foundation 525 Mile Ride, there is still a little time left!  I’ve been training my butt off (literally and figuratively) and I’m scrambling to hit or even surpass my goal of $10k.  But the ride isn’t about me, it’s about finding a cure for Arthritis and helping the people it affects, plain and simple.

If you’ve meant to jump in and lend a hand, today -right now- would be a fantastic time to do it!

I am highly grateful for any amount you donate on my behalf, and cannot thank you enough!
And of course, it’s a pure tax deduction for you next April.

Gratefully and achingly yours,


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