Episode 61: Cousin Deke

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cousin-deke-150x150Cousin Deke is a lot of things.  Talented Voice artist, Excellent producer, National and International Talent and super down-to-earth human being.  Technologically Advanced is not one of those things.  I jest (a little) just to demonstrate that while Deke is one of the best and most successful working talents in radio he is also proof that you don’t need the newest or fanciest tools to get the job done at the highest levels.  You will hear later in the episode specifically what he’s rocking in his Clear Channel/Dallas based studio.

Deke is the Imaging Producer for almost the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Clear Channel Cluster.  He is also the voice of dozens of radio stations throughout the US and elsewhere on earth.  We plunge into a plethora of topics including on-air work, imaging production, voiceover, gear (or lack-there-of) his various radio jobs, industry friends and, well, non-friends and EVERYTHING in between.  As I have been directed by longtime listeners it seems ONE=PART is the preference even if its a long episode so that is what you have here.

Check out his show notes page for some full length demo material.  Thanks to Deke for inviting me into his studio, giving me the tour of the newly remodeled facility and spending some time discussing his flourishing career.


9 thoughts on “Episode 61: Cousin Deke

  1. Deke is legit. Great guy and talent. Missed working with each other at WMMS by a Buzzard’s hair. Rock on brutha!

  2. Thanks Chuck! You know the feeling is mutual — and big thanks to Ryan for having me on — it was fun looking back — and into the future – I appreciate being included!

  3. Good interview dude, I miss you weird random emails that you would send out. hahah – Adrian Hummel

  4. Dude! Love this interview. I always wondered Deke’s story after hearing him for so long WSSL and now on my current station WKXD. Good stuff. Keep ’em coming Ryan!

  5. Great interview Ryan! I hear Deke all over the radio these days. Does he still use the simple chain AT4033 mic into pro tools?

  6. i got some early recordings of cousin deke when he was the DJ at WKQQ in lexington ky. the most of the tapes in have him on , WKQQ was on 98.1 before the frequency swap to 100.1 in feburary 1998. very happy for him to go on to a bigger market and be very successful.

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