FREE Stuff Post: Music and SFX

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This isn’t some sort of regular feature or anything BUT I will pass on any cool free stuff I run into.  Here are a couple things.

free sfx

FREE SFX: A site you may not know about is called Sound Effects for Free and I finally signed up to see what you actually get for free.  Admittedly I haven’t used it for more than a day but so far I have afew Zip files full of various types of sounds. Categories like CROWDS and CACKLES.  The quality is very good.  I don’t know what the angle is aside from building up a user base for the larger VideoBlocks. yet but take a peek.


PROMO-BEDS:  The one, the ONLY, DAVE BETHEL has dropped a few of his masterful Promobed cuts on us for Halloween.  I’ve made no secret that I highly admire his work.  I even did a podcast!

Here is a link –

And of course go check out his entire service!  It is Top-Shelf!

echo collective

****UPDATE****:  I will write up a full post on the next one (I hope) with a short interview attached.  My pal Rene at Echo Collective tweeted me to remind of their free stuff.  Kontakt based sounds of really random but interesting noises. Very fascinating content.  I can try to explain it but I don’t think I am smart enough.  So hit the FREE page and grab it.  They do come with Wav Samples so you don’t have to have Kontakt to use it.

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