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1366425984-whos-nextAt the conclusion of my DEKE interview I had a bunch of emails out but nothing completely set in stone as far as future guests.  Now I have 3 different interviews setup and of course, a few more in the works.  Right now I am looking to give everyone a chance to submit questions and input for upcoming guests

The TECH SUPER SHOW: Jeff Berlin and Steve Sykes

Two past guests and a couple of my favorite people in the industry have agreed to do my first topic based “round-table” show which will be ultra-focused on TECH and how it relates to the independent media professional. Jeff Berlin and Steve Sykes will join me for what I hope is a LIVE Video Chat and subsequent podcast.  The podcast will simply be the audio side of the discussion but made available later so you don’t HAVE to join the live Video.  I chose Jeff and Steve because they are not just gear heads but very knowledgable as it relates to the Indie VO/PROD talent. Jeff is a hugely successful voice talent with a background in Radio Imaging Production.  He will speak GEAR as it relates to the VO pro in a very easy to consume manner.  Steve will do the same as it relates to the studio pro. Steve has a vast background in Radio Imaging and now is a highly successful music producer.  They both love the tools we all need and will help everyone better understand what you need, what you want and why.

This is tentatively scheduled for November 5th at 11am ET/8am PT

Allan Peck: One of the fastest rising Voice Artists…

…and a very good friend of mine.  In fact Allan is one of my oldest Texas friends.  I worked with him in Radio for years and have both used and abused his brain for personal gain for a very long time.  He recently left his “day-job” for a full-time life in voiceover which includes gigs as the voice of Ellen and CNBC-Prime among many other things. If you are an up and coming voice pro OR a veteran Allan will have something to offer.

Brian Cooney: Another Stellar voice talent

Brian is the Voice DC101 – the reason he has been requested more than once- and a million other things.  Admittedly while I am very familiar with Brian’s work I know him least but am looking forward to learning more with you.  The Video Reel on his site should have some very familiar material.  I love the style and delivery.

Please send me questions for any or all of these upcoming guests.  Contact link, email [email protected] or any other way we contact people these days.

2 thoughts on “Producers Podcast: Upcoming 2013

  1. 8AM? I’ll need to set my alarm… Looking forward to the tech discussion, naturally! Always learning… Keep it up, Ryan.

  2. Let’s be honest…are WE going to actually teach YOU anything? BUT I think I’ve mentioned on my show or blog for everyone to look forward to the George Whittam episode. You and I are still going to get that one lined up. Will be a great one!

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