Episode 62: Allan Peck – Part 1

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peck Headshot MasterMy guest also happens to be a very good friend and someone who I have turned to many times for professional advice.  Allan Peck has seen momentous leaps in his career for well over a decade but especially just in the last 12 to 18 months.  He is the voice of Ellen, CNBC Prime and countless commercial campaigns.  He is also the voice of radio stations and has done Promo and Trailer work for years.  I would have had Allan on the show long ago but his vast career moves have simply blocked my way!  How dare you success!  But seriously this is great time to finally feature Allan’s work and get inside his head.  Part one is deep into the background and how he got where he is plus we start into the more day-to-day routine of a working voice actor.  Part 2 is a lot more faster paced with plenty of oft-discussed topics related to ANYONE working in voiceover.  Enjoy!

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