Travel Studio Options: Apogee MiC

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I had a quick chat with Sam Botta after my TECH ROUNDTABLE.  Sam is knee deep in the VO world among other things and sent me a quick review on the Apogee MiC.  We’ve discussed travel options on this Blog and the Podcast before. There are lots of ways to get great record quality including simple USB/iOS XLR interfaces (like Mic Port Pro) larger multi-channel XLR interfaces (Like Mbox), Stand alone “USB” Mics,  portable studio boxes (Harlan Hogan) and MANY more. Lately people are looking for ultra mobile, Ultra Simple options (READ: What can I use with my phone?) at least thats trend I see. I have not tried the Apogee MiC but it has good reviews and Sam reports, after getting to test it out in the Apogee Studios in Santa Monica, that it sounds great and he highly recommends. The Apogee MiC seems only Apple compatible but it does come with a USB cable on top of the normal iOS/Apple choices so maybe thats promising for non-Apple folks? You can be the judge but if the quality is there, the price tag is certainly reasonable.

*Only note I make is to never assume any portable device will solve ROOM issues.  That always has to be top of mind when on the road.  Record a  $10K mic in the bathroom and it still sounds like the bathroom.


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