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tech-startupsJeff Berlin and Steve Sykes were Live with me today for the first Round Table.  We kept the conversation focused on TECH as it relates to Voiceover and Production talent.  I was trying to keep it geared toward freelance talent but in the end I don’t think that was important.  The info translates to anyone working in the industry.  I will post the audio as a stand alone podcast soon as I don;t really think this had to be viewed to get the most out of it.

The video output was pretty instantly available which is a PLUS from doing a Live Google Hangout.  That is about the ONLY plus if you ask me.  Steve and Jeff were great and I think through all the glitchy crap and uncontrollable camera changes some good info was provided.  BUT I wont be rushing to do LIVE Hangouts anytime soon.  Ill look to Ustream and Skype alternatives.

Hope you enjoy this and get some good takeaways for yourself.

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