Episode 63: Brian Cooney Part 1

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brian cooney pic

Brian Cooney, requested multiple times, was a nice chat and very insightful on the voiceover world.  I really enjoyed his candor on certain topics like money, unions, competition and workloads. I have had multiple interviewees in the past tell me they prefered not to speak about one or more of these issues.  BUT we are here to learn right? So, thanks to Brian for the added value of complete openess….is that a word?  Anyway, Part 1 is below and then of course check out part 2 here.

Links/Demo: I can’t recreate a demo reel better than the one on his site so simply click the link and check out his amazing skills.  If you do NOT know him now, once you see/hear his work you will.

Voice/Demos: http://briancooney.net/

He made mention of his Music: myspace.com/briancooneymusic

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