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I’m always open to giving the really young, passionate prods out there a platform to show off their work.  Rhys Messenger checked in with me a few days ago from Townsville in Queensland, Australia.  It sounds made up to me but let’s go with it 😉  He has a real passion for radio and at the age of 15 his skills are certainly worth putting on display.  So I asked him to simplify his submission and tell me what he currently does and then what he HOPES/WANTS to be doing. And of course to send me a bunch of audio.  Check him out below…

I’m 15-years-old, and so far – I’ve interviewed some very big well-known people. You could say ‘celebrities’. I’ve interviewed Big Brother Australia 2013 housemates including Rohan, Xavier & Heidi – and does the voice of Big Brother count as a celebrity? Because I interviewed him too! All of the interviews, you can find on my SoundCloud playlist. I’ve done no paid work for anyone at all. All of the production that I do is A. to get better and show my skills to people that are most likely to employ me and B. for fun, because it’s my absolute passion. One other thing I’ve achieved is I was invited by Jackie O herself from The Kyle & Jackie O Show to visit them and sit-in on their show one day. 5 months later, that dream finally took place of me visiting 2Day FM for two days – 8 hours the first day, 6 hours the second day. It was an absolutely surreal and amazing experience – I couldn’t of have asked for anything better.

In my career – I eventually would like to work my way up to 2Day FM breakfast, with a golden microphone. That’s my dream come true, and as they say… “The sky is the limit.” For now, while I’m young and for the next 20 years or so, I’d like to become an Audio Producer for Southern Cross Austereo. SCA have being very supportive to me, giving me such great and powerful feedback, and such great people there. SCA is my ideal company to work for – I’ve never considered any other network to work for, and don’t want to consider any other network, apart from SCA.

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