Episode 66 – P1 – George Whittam – VO Studio Tech

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2011-George_Whittam-headshotGeorge Whittam – http://vostudiotech.com/ –  Twitter @vostudiotech.  George is the Director of Technology at Edge Studio and operates VOStudioTech.com

He is an expert and leader in the field of home studio tech.  Voice actors across the globe seek his advice and help.  I was a guest with him on hsi EWABS podcast in 2013 and knew he is a guy I needed to have on my show. Be aware Part 1 starts with his background and gets into various day-to-day issues like organizing your digital life, life-hacks to make work easier and a little about what George does for his clients.  PART 2 we get down and dirty on ISDN v Source Connect, building a studio, upgrading a studio and everything else one might need to consider when it comes to studio tech.

And don’t forget about the show Notes Page!

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