Episode 67 – P1 – Capital FM/Network/XTRA/TV

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capital team 1I have been working to get this episode put together for months.  The team at Capital was so generous with their time and knowledge and a special thanks to Chris Nicoll, Head of Production, for lining everyone up.  Yes, this episode features about 5 of 8 producers who create for Capital FM, Capital Network, Capital Xtra and Capital TV.  I will say in advance I truly did my best to keep everyone involved in the conversation equally so I hope it comes off that way BUT there was so much to cover!  We chat about everyone’s background, the atmosphere in London, the tools they use, the systems in place to keep the continuity in tact and many other great informative issues.  THANKS to the group for being on with me.  As someone who is a part of a creative team and at times the leader of said team, I really took a lot away from this group of professionals.  Check out Part 1 below and then be sure to hit part 2.  AND check out the show notes!!  Its worth it.

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