Steve Pigott Support

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e40cbe4b-6b89-4e8b-8ed2-888f7c3d1401_profile“In March, just a few weeks after their second son was born, Steve was diagnosed with Leukemia.”

That taken from the site linked below and yes it certainly was startling news about Steve Pigott when I first heard it.  I do not know Steve very well but I do know him.  He is a rather private guy so its not a surprise that this will come as a shock to people who KNOW him.  If you have given your support, want to learn more or want to offer your support please visit the link below.  I emailed with his wife Susan, and she simply reiterated how difficult these times are for the Pigott family and would greatly appreciate anything his colleagues and friends (YOU) can offer in assistance.

I offer my strongest, most positive wishes and blessings to Steve and his recovery.

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