Alien Imaging FX for 10 BUCKS!?!

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Iunnamed enjoy supporting great people and great products.  With this you get at LEAST one of those two things…..Buh dum dum. Ahem.

I have stripped the contents of an email I got that says it “isn’t for sale to the public yet” but I get to pass on the deal to you.  I paid the 10 bucks instantly cuz Jeff makes good stuff, always.  I have previewed them and already know I can use at least one element (if not more) in every bit of production I make, ever.  Enjoy!!


My goal with this MICRO FX pre-sale was to make it a no-brainer deal for you.

I figured $10.00 was a price so good you couldn’t pass it up!

…there’s only a few days left. 

The $10.00 pre-sale price expires and jumps to $49.99 when the library goes public on Tuesday, June 24th.

LISTEN TO MICRO FX DEMO HERE (soundcloud link)

I created a video of the Pro Tools session of the Demo – you can watch thatHERE (vimeo video link)

MICRO FX isn’t for sale to the public yet – so the only way to buy it is to click ADD TO CART

download the library in full broadcast .WAV format. 

Have questions? Need an invoice for your purchase?

Just let me know and I’ll get back to you asap.

–jeff schmidt
[email protected]

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